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Effective Ways You Can Craft an Excellent Response Essay

Brief Description

A response or reaction essay allows the writer to give his/her personal or critical feedback on a piece of literature, problem or a peer-reviewed journal.

In this type of paper, the reaction of the writer mainly depends on the type of subject being addressed in it. For instance, if it is a feedback on a peer-reviewed article, then the writer may evaluate the author’s work to either highlight its strong aspects or shed light on its vital flaws. In either of the scenarios, the writer needs to share his insights or opinions on the subject, which are mostly personal.

Vital Guidelines for a Reaction Paper

  • Response papers require the writer to assess the subject-matter meticulously so that a logical feedback can be extracted out of the evaluation.
  • It is vital that you must evaluate your response as well so that it doesn't seem biased or vague. To achieve that you need to understand your personal feelings towards the topic.
  • Some topics may instigate multiple responses. Therefore, take proper notes of your responses so that a stronger feedback can be elected.
  • Response papers offer the personal comments or criticism of the writer. Hence, these essays are mostly written in first person and, thus, uses phrases like "I think that" or "It is my believe that".
  • Outlining should be carried out as it is a major part of drafting complicated papers such as this. Basically, it helps the writer lay down a fundamental layout of the essay to ensure the coverage of each vital element.

Basic Outline of a Response Essay

  • Description of the subject matter
  • Claim (thesis)
  • Vital sub-points (strong points, flaws, etc.)
  • Analysis of sub-points
  • Writer's response to the analysis
  • Anecdotes, evidence, etc.
  • Summary of thesis
  • Closure (justification of the response)

Outline in Detail

Introduction Explained

The aim of this section is to bring into light the vital purpose of the discussion, i.e., it sheds light on the resulting analysis of the topic in a brief manner. It is usually done through presenting the whole idea in a succinct yet lucid statement which is called Thesis.

Development of Thesis

Body section is where the entire thesis is developed. Usually, the thesis is expanded through the elucidation of some interlinking sub-points. These points help the writer clarify the significance of the topic and the consequent reaction or response.

Presenting the Verdict

Here, you present the facts and figures to defend or justify your response to the particular aspect of the subject. The conclusion must be kept succinct yet clear to persuade the readers that your reaction holds solid ground against the factual factors of the topic.

Response Essay Sample Topics

  • Internet or Tex-books
  • Yellow press
  • Global recession
  • Global warming phenomenon
  • Young Mums
  • Evolution in technology
  • Response on Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Response on Harry Potter's ending
  • Racism or discrimination
  • Corruption
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