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Tips on Getting Past the Bumpy Ride of Research Essay Writing

What is Research Essay?

As the title says it all, the essay presents a comprehensive analysis or exploration of a subject-matter which may range from a mere notion or hypothesis to a factual or literary piece.

Most of us end up biting our tongue when the bumpy ride of research writing starts. It is mainly because the process seems easy at first but it is certainly becomes difficult when our ride gets past a stop or two.

Basically, when you are asked to write an essay on this genre, you are then meant to dig into the research work of others and fuse whatever research you've extracted with an analysis of your own. Keep in mind that final analysis should be the result of your research, not your personal opinions.

To present such an in-depth study on a topic, it is necessary that lay down a careful plan for research and the synthesis of the information dug out of that research.

Brief Layout of a Research Paper

  • Establish the topic
  • Identify decisive factors
  • Research question
  • Factual Analysis on Point 1
  • Factual Analysis on Point 2
  • Factual Analysis on Point 3
  • Restatement of thesis and sub-points
  • Ultimate analysis

Vital Suggestions

  • Since we are talking about research work here so it is vital that you pick out a subject matter that you are already well familiar with and, thus, have considerable knowledge and expertise in.
  • Evaluate your topic meticulously so that you can pull an engaging research question or thesis out of it.
  • Always remember that the engaging factor of an essay depends on how well-thought-out your thesis is and how well it is developed or elaborated.
  • Know that research essay is not a mere sheet of facts and figures but a vital synthesis of those facts pointing out to your thesis statement to validate your claims.

Step-By-Step Composition

It is organized into the standard structure of essay writing. The structure of a persuasive essay can be divided into three distinct parts:


An Impressive Introduction

Present an appealing introduction but keep in mind it should clearly convey the main theme of the essay to the readers. In addition, it should clearly states why the writer (you) thinks that the topic is significant for a detailed discussion. The focal theme of the essay could be a problem, controversial issue or hypothesis, etc.

Expand your Research Question

The body section is the place where the sub-points that expound on the thesis are discussed in a comprehensive manner. Each sub-point should relate with the thesis through properly synthesised evidence. It is also important that the transition among the points or paragraphs is smooth, i.e., uninterrupted.

Wrap up the Research

The main purpose of the concluding paragraph is to remind readers the main purpose of the discussion through a summarised presentation of thesis and its sub-points. In addition to that it also helps the writer put across his/her unbiased analysis.

List of Research Essay Topics

  • Environmental protection
  • Freedom of speech
  • Negative and positive aspects of hypnotism
  • Evolution of humans, is it still continued?
  • Tobacco's negative effects on human body
  • Cyber bullying, a crime that should be made punishable by law
  • Illegalisation of marijuana
  • Alcohol policies for Teens
  • Adolescent psychology
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