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Principal Standards for Writing a Great Informal Essay

Brief Description

In an informal essay the writer engages in a topic using casual writing style and tone. The aim of this essay is to let the writer express his sincere opinions or perspectives on a particular subject, which could be a problem, process, personal experience, event, etc.

It is fair to say that an informal paper is the easiest of all academic assignments you will ever get. It is mainly because of the fact that it doesn’t follow any hard and fast rules that often become a nuisance to students. Here, the writer has the liberty to employ any creative writing style that pleases him or suits him the best.

Some Quick Recommendations

  • Though the paper is informal, it doesn't mean that it may lack informative content or valid research
  • Leverage your conversational tone to make the introductory section attention grabbing
  • Always consider your audience when electing a writing tone for your topic as it has a considerable impact on the success of your essay
  • It is true that you are free to use an informal style to engage with your audience. However, don’t presume that you can use excessive humour or racial slurs in your essay
  • Talking about bad humor, keep in mind that writing style reflects the writer's character or attitude. So, use a writing style that is acceptable to others
  • The style or tone of the essay also depends on the topic
  • Always give your personal opinions, not a restatement of what you’ve extracted from a source. In short allow your essay to speak your mind

General Outline

  • Attention getter
  • Topic identification
  • Thesis
  • Opinion on Point 1
  • Opinion on Point 2
  • Opinion on Point 3
  • Summary of all opinions
  • Final View

Composition in Detail

Opt For a Compelling Topic

The entire success of your work depends on the selection of your topic. If it succeeds in provoking the interest of the readers, it means that you've put together a finest piece. However, if it fails, then you know what…

Capitalise on Your Introduction

There are a dozens of elements that you can employ in your introductory paragraph to make it eye catching. For instance, anecdotes can be used to catch the interest of the readers since real-life examples always touch the very core of readers’ soul. Also make sure that your thesis gives a clear idea to the readers about the purpose of the topic.

Present in Interesting Body

Use a consistent writing style throughout the essay. Keep in mind that you are writing an informal paper so doesn't hesitate to use any clichés or colloquial terminologies if you think that it can engage the audience more effectively. In addition to that you are also free to use first, second or third person tone to write your informal paper. However, first and second person tone is not tolerable in formal texts.

Conclude in a Touching Manner

In an informal paper the writer doesn’t simply impart his final thoughts rather speaks his mind to show his personal feelings towards the topic and, so, touch the heart of the readers. To achieve this goal, you need to present a sincere yet fitting final statement.

Informal Essay Examples

  • Marijuana and youth
  • Alcoholism in youth
  • Pros of living alone
  • Life in dormitory
  • College life
  • Hurdles of living abroad
  • Truth about true love
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Negative aspects of technology
  • Technology in education
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