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An Informative Tour to Essay Writing

Back when we were kids, we started our learning with plain ABC, which advanced into words later, which were then connected to make complete sentences, then paragraphs and finally complete essays. What really do we all know about essays since childhood? It is a bulk of text divided into three parts, the introduction, body and conclusion. The complexity of the text advanced as we grew up but the format remained same.

What is an essay?

For all those who've not carried out this activity since a long time need not get worried. Writing an essay does not involve any rocket science. It’s a basic activity which needs sticking to the basic format and use of some really good vocabulary, proper grammar and correct sentence structuring. Now what really do we mean by an essay? Let’s not discuss the same old conventional definition and get straight to the simple explanation. An essay is an elaboration of the topic chosen or the descriptive analysis of any key word or one's opinion on a particular term or notion.

Difference between Articles & essays:

Many people often confuse articles with essays. For them probably both are very much same. For their information there’s a vast difference between the two terminologies. Precisely articles are shorter than essays. Essays provide citations and references that elevate their credibility. Hence, articles are pretty easy to write as they do not include any quotations and are not strictly written for academic purposes. Essays on the other hand are a mandatory part of the academic curriculum and highlight certain social issues of high importance.

Basic essay writing steps:

So what is the first query? Of course "what to write on" Now that is very important, usually essays are written on abstract terms and descriptive concepts. Obviously you can't be writing on birds, trees, chocolates, gardens and mountains! You need a term that requires your personal insights and opinions. But before we explore the various topics for essay writing, let us see: what are the steps that shall be followed when formulating and compiling essay matter.

  • Choose a topic, anything that interests you and you have a lot to write on. We'll be further discussing this point once all steps are discussed.
  • Begin with some thorough brainstorming. You may make a bubble tree, with the core topic in middle and clouds of related ideas encircling it.
  • Then assign position to each cloud. Decide where all small pieces will fit into the large puzzle that is your essay.
  • After the rough draft is made jump on to the introduction. Here you will have to be objective, crisp and precise. Describe why you chose this topic and what inspired you. In addition, give various meanings of the topic or terms you’ve selected and finally identify what will you be discussing in your essay further.
  • The body or main part of your subject matter constitutes various and diverse examples relating to your idea. You may give your own inputs and cite references. Hence, make it as much informative as possible.
  • Make sure you take good care of your grammar, tenses and punctuations. Nobody likes crooked sentences!
  • It is also recommended by scholars that you chip in a creative aspect to your essay. Try presenting your argument in a unique way. Put it in the mould of an interesting perspective.
  • Finally head towards the conclusion, summarising your stuff with some interesting quote or a question or anything that will compel your readers to give in their feedback.

So that was a short ride to the ingredients of a good essay recipe. Let us now see, how to resolve the problem of picking up an interesting topic.

  • Research: Why is this important? At times we misjudge our pool of information. We believe we have buckets of words available, whereas the moment we hold a pen every bit of information evaporates and we are left with a heap of balled up crumpled papers flowing everywhere.
  • Sift through books: If you are a die-hard fan of any author in particular, sift through his/her writing to grasp a trail of ideas.
  • Hit social media: If you are suffering from the worst of creative block, not even able to make a preppy list of possible ideas, search newspapers and read blogs, you never know a million dollar idea is just beyond a click!
  • List: Make a list of alternatives and after some basic research decide on a single topic. Choose a topic on which you can write volumes.
  • Seek mentor help: Why is that important? External overview will help add some different light to your core idea. A mentor will guide you with the structure, examples and illustrations, and quotations that we referred to in the steps earlier.

List of Essay Topics

Finally we'll be looking at some very excellent topics for the compilation of an intelligent and impressive essay matter.

  • Global warming and its adverse effects on human population.
  • Extremism and its cure.
  • Man's dependence on technology.
  • Stress and its effects.
  • Media and its role in society.
  • Racism and its current perception internationally.
  • Poverty is reciprocal to social crimes.
  • Childhood problems.
  • Immigration and brain flight.
  • Pollution and the reasons for its cause.
  • Impact of divorce.
  • Impact of overpopulation.
  • Animal rights.
  • Money and happiness.
  • Recent change in the fashion industry globally.

There are various methods of compiling worthy content. It is highly important that you select the one that suits your needs best. If you want to follow the conventional and traditional style it’s perfectly alright but do not forget that it shall follow the basic rules of writing. One another thing that needs a lot of your consideration is that you stay honest with whatever you write.

Being honest does not by any chance mean being blunt as that would make your stuff very much specific which is not recommended. Leave some flexibility in your sentences; they let the readers wander easily in your stretched network of ideas. You may leave your content open for feedback, this will help you comprehend how the world thinks of something and you differ from the rest…

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