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Golden Guidelines on Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

What Exact is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

It is an essay that probes the similarities and differences of two objects, persons, events, concepts or places. Basically, its main aim is to explain why either aspects of a topic really matter.

In general, it is a rather common form of essay writing designed for pupils of all academic levels. Its ultimate goal is to enhance students’ critical thinking ability as well as their descriptive writing prowess. Nevertheless, it is vital to consider certain elements that can amplify the uniqueness of the essay as well its impact such as:

  • Audience interest
  • Emphatically-ordered differences or similarities
  • Topic basis and its significance
  • Valid arguments
  • Meaningful comparison

Sample Outline

  • Thesis statement
  • Point 1
  • Point 2
  • Point 3
  • Object A Point 1 # Para.1
  • Object B Point 1 # Para.1
  • Object A Point 2 # Para.2
  • Object B Point 2 # Para.2
  • Object A Point 3 # Para.3
  • Object B Point 3 # Para.3
  • Summary of all three points
  • Food for thought

Compare and Contrast Paper – "How-To"


Start With an Impactful Opening

It is important that you start your essay with a terrific opening to make your first impression an impressive one. To achieve that goal, you may start off with an interesting anecdote or a quote that you can relate with your topic.

Present Your Thesis

The introductory paragraph also unveils the thesis statement of the essay. Basically, it sets the main pitch of your essay informing the audience about where the subject-matter is headed.

Briefly Unveil Key Points

Depending on the length of your essay, you’ll need three or more major points to develop and clarify your thesis as well as your assertions.

Body Choose the method

Comparison of the subject-matter can be carried out in two ways. First option is that you may use the first two paragraphs to clarify object A and B separately and then use the third paragraph to elaborate on their comparison. Second option is that you use the same paragraph and compare and contrast the objects side by side.

Develop Point 1

Analyse and give an overview of your topic’s first main point. Secondly, present the comparison of the two objects along with a statement revealing what makes the two relevant or interconnected.

Develop Point 2 and 3

Use the same process in the rest of the paragraphs for the 2nd and 3rd major point. Give an outline of each point along with an overview of its comparison.

Conclusion Present summary and a concluding analysis

Last but not least, the last paragraph of your compare and contrast paper will reiterate all the key points in a summarising manner along with the final analysis of the topic as a whole.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Playing consoles to playing real-world games
  • Male VS female friends
  • Generous VS horrible bosses
  • Zombies VS vampires
  • Paranoia VS phobia
  • Bullies VS dictators
  • Cosmetic VS natural beauty
  • Disposable VS cloth diapers
  • Pet dog VS cats
  • Loquacious VS reticent people
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