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Classification Essay Guidelines

Definition of a Classification/ Division Essay

As the title says it all, the essay classifies or divides the subject-matter – be it objects, people or places – having similar traits into categories (groups, types, classes) that are clear and easily discernible.

Generally speaking, the essay seeks to offer insights into how objects or ideas can be classified into particular groups through logical and systematic analysis. It is a pretty conventional type of essay assignment that students of all academic levels confront at some point.

Some Important Pointers

Before starting off with your classification paper, it is important that you go over some vital considerations:

  • It is recommended that you opt for a subject-matter that stirs your curiosity or simply one that you are interested in.
  • The amount of categories should be limited because excessive classification may not only prolong the essay but also create confusion in the details.
  • The classification must be carried out in an organised manner, be it from the most common trait to least known one or vice versa.
  • Each category should be elaborated in a clear and detailed manner.
  • Details of the categories should be accompanied by relevant and constructive examples.

Classification Framework

  • Topic identification
  • Thesis statement
  • Categorical analysis or evaluation of the topic, in separate paragraphs, along with examples.
  • Précis of the thesis
  • Significance or purpose of the topic

Drafting a Classification Essay

Introduction Elements

The opening segment plays a central role in determining the success or failure of the essay. Thus, it is suggested that the introduction should be kept clear, to the point and captivating.

Firstly, the introductory segment should present the topic that is the main subject of the essay. It should be accompanied by a brief description or detail so that you can maintain an adequate level of clarity in it. Secondly, and most importantly, you need to unveil the key thesis sentence of your classification paper that presents the rationale of the essay.

Body Elements

The body is the central part of the paper where the writer develops the thesis using in-depth details, anecdotes, facts and figures, etc.

Start off each of the body paragraphs with an enticing topic sentence that gives a clear idea of what the whole paragraph is about. Use the rest of the paragraph to elaborate on the topic sentence while describing the category and citing relevant examples to give weight to it.

While writing the central segments of the essay, also take into account the order by which you introduce and explain each category. Nonetheless, you may choose to present it in whatever order that pleases you.

Just like any typical essay, wrap up your work by tying together all the categories along with a succinct comment on each type or category giving its significance or limitations. In addition, conclusion shall also constitute a brief statement that validates the classification made in the essay.

Classification Essay Topics List

  • Ways to save money
  • Parenting methods
  • Types of snakes based on the amount of their venom
  • Types of plants
  • Types of bosses
  • Gardening methods
  • Classification of drivers
  • Types of friendships
  • Classification of songs
  • Types of love
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