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The Art of Writing a Fantastic Cause and Effect Essay

The Main Concept

As the name implies, the essay systematically analyses the reasons behind the causes of a certain event (condition, trend or phenomenon) as well as its resulting effects (ultimate outcomes or consequences).

So basically, in a cause and effect essay the writer examines a linkage between the two aspects of an event, with first being the cause and second being its effects. The writer proceeds towards the conclusion while elaborating on the sequences of the event in a categorical or chronological order and critically analysing the conditions that, ultimately, leads to the final details of its impact.

The Outline

Generally, the cause and effect essay follows the standards of a typical 5-paragraph essay. Therefore, it starts with an appealing introductory slice, which presents an overview of the topic along with an outline of its main thesis statement and some key points.

As far as the essay's body is concerned, the number of paragraphs may differ depending on the number of points that you need to validate your assertions. For instance, if you have limited your major points to three, then you need to reserve no more than three paragraphs for the body.

Finally, the concluding segment of the essay, as the name suggests, summarises the essay by knotting together all the main points and presenting some final thoughts on the subject-matter.

The Sample Outline

  • Overview
  • Thesis statement
  • Main Point. 1
  • Main Point. 2
  • Main Point. 3
  • Summary
  • Final views

The Useful Tips

  • The introduction should always carry some brief details about the background of the topic as it enables the readers to get a better picture of the subject-matter they are about to read.
  • The thesis statement should always be kept succinct yet completely meaningful.
  • Since we are talking about cause and effect essay is here, it is essential that either of the aspects must be presented in an organised order- be it an emphatic order or sequential one.
  • Each major point should be further refined using solid facts and figures as well as some sound analysis.
  • It is also vital to link up each point to present the relationship among them.
  • Finally, the conclusion must give a recap of the whole topic without the inclusion of any new thoughts or ideas. In addition, it should present some closing thoughts on the topic.

The Cause and Effect Essay Sample Topics

  • Effects of bullying and its probable causes
  • Causes and effects of strict parenting
  • Causes of poverty in some UK regions and its effects
  • Causes and effects of obesity in children
  • Effects of ed-tech on a typical classroom
  • Positive and negative effects of excessive texting
  • Causes of allergy and its detrimental effects
  • Effects of ever-increasing college tuition fee on student body
  • Causes and effects of global warming
  • Effects of divorce and its main causes
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