SAT Essay: 10 Tips to Get a High Score

The SAT is one of the most recognized standardized tests for college admissions around the world. Doing this test is anything but easy. Some of the greater ways in which students are tests is in the essay section. This isn’t your typical everyday essay that you write for class; this requires immense concentration.

With the help of this article, we can show you how to effectively wrap up your essay with plenty of time to spare for editing. Then you can be the proud owner of a truly professional essay. All you need are the right tips, which conveniently are listed right here.

1.    Keep your writing tidy

When it comes to standardized tests, your handwriting must be fluent and tidy. In fact, it is one of the most important elements to get you those marks. When the examiners read your essay, they expect it to make sense. So be sure that your writing is clear, sharp and simple to understand.

2.    Use proper language and word choice

Similar to how you’re supposed to keep your writing neat, you have to ensure that your vocabulary is top notch as well. This simply means that it should not contain grammatical mistakes and is repetitive. You must also avoid using first person statements such as “My” or “I”.

3.    Read the SAT essay prompt carefully

This is the part where most of the students meet their pitiful demise. They should give an ample amount of time to read the essay prompt so they can approach this better. You will have to if you want to wish to clinch a sparkling score. Be patient and modest in your approach.

4.    Choose a clear thesis

Once you have understood the prompt, you can then decide on which side of the issue you have to present. When you do present your argument, it must give both the positive and negative aspects of it. Do not shy away from using some of the words from the prompt. At least it will prove that you’re on topic.

All you have to do is understand the main idea of the passage and then list the methods that the author uses to support it.

5.    Don’t voice your opinion

Now the thing about SAT essays is that you’re not giving your own views on the topic. You are merely presenting it in a way that it agrees with what the author is trying to say. Also be sure that it uses a formal style of writing. To reiterate, you must never use first person statements.

6.    Include an introduction

If you want to have any chances of getting a score above 4/8 in Writing, you must include an introduction. The reader must know what you’re talking about which then sets up the structure for the rest of the body. Remember that a good introduction must include your thesis statement.

7.    Use information from the passage

We all have a knack for providing our own insights at times, but not this time. With an SAT essay, we should only make use of the information that is in the passage. You have to be relevant at all costs.

8.    Structure it according to basics

There is introduction, then the body and then a conclusion. There is something about basics that never seem to fade out of relevancy. Do not forget about them.

9.    Use examples to support your ideas

While you can’t have your own views into this, you can support the argument with examples of other established pieces of literature. Use about four examples that you may have studied about before to give your argument a bit more colour.

10.     Practice

Before you actually attend this paper, be sure to practice your hand at it. This includes practicing both in writing and analysis. It will give you the confidence to efficiently perform well in your paper. You can use the extra time you have left to go through everything that you’ve written.

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