7 Ways to Wipe Out Stress in College

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We should not be the ones to tell you just how griping college life can be. There are tons of books to read, projects to prepare and tuition fees to pay off. Not to mention trying to balance your social life. There is one too many things to keep track of and that is why we have drawn this article as a symbol of relief.

As a college student, you have to brace yourself for when things start to strain a lot. By fixing your eyes to the tips provided below, you will be able to live your college life for the better.

1.    Adhere to exercising

Physical activities are quite popular when it comes to reducing stress. It is relaxing as well as fun. Apart from pushing up weights, you can take up something as simple as walking or playing a sport of your choice. Anything that can help you sweat and keep you fit is good for your nerves.

Just do three or four half-hour sessions of any physical activity you like and then feel the pain leaving your body.

2.    Get a good amount of sleep

There is only so much we can do for the day and then after that, it’s off to bed. Our bodies are made in such a way that it is impossible for us to break the cycle that was built within us. But because of things like cram nights or staying up late, stress can bite back at us real hard.

Aside from insomnia or lethargy, we will be confronted with other problems such as depression, obesity and diabetes.

3.    Manage your time well

Time management is something that students really need the most. If you can balance all the tasks for the day real well, you can easily fend off any kind of stress. It all depends on prioritizing your tasks well. Start with the most challenging of tasks and then moving on to the easiest.

Do your best to leave nothing for pending. Then use the time you have left for other things.

4.    Practice good test taking methods

Not all students can pick up on what their professors discuss in class at the same pace as the others. Some things just don’t click to them at a certain point. This is where you need to establish your learning curve so that you can retain important data. Your GPA will climb up for sure.

5.    Find ways to calm yourself down

If you feel that you need to break away quickly, try to manage it as best as you can. Take deep breathes and count to ten. Try to squeeze a stress ball. You can also practice yoga that will balance the flow of your chi.

6.    Maintain a proper diet

If you think you can binge on pizza and French fries for the rest of your life, you won’t be able to live much longer than you’d expect. If there’s one thing that junk foods don’t do for your body, it is nutrition. Stress eating is just adding more fuel to the fire. You need to get a hold of what you bite, before you are done in by it.

By this we mean that you should allow healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains into your life.

7.    Get great emotional support

Whenever you feel the need to talk about your feelings, find someone who is close to you and can share in your pain. That friend(s) has to be someone of great emotional support and is generally qualified to pull you out of the slump that you have gotten yourself into.

They should be witty, encouraging and inspiring. Basically, they are the ones who can and will put a smile on your face at the end of the day.

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