7 Ways to decorate your dorm room on a budget


When you’re in college, you try to get by being as frugal as you can. That being said, students would much rather spend their dorm days being less burdened by financial pressures, like anything else.

Aside from the involvement of money, no responsible student would even want to leave their dorm room poorly maintained. In fact, they would want it to look trendy and stylish for them and the rest of their college comrades.

That is exactly why this article will help you provide the thriftiest tips to model your dorm. Here are some of the best ideas that you can apply:

1.    Washi Tape Designs

Yes indeed! Washi Tapes are one of the hottest gags being used nowadays at college. Now only do they hold up your pictures, but they are also fashionable. The best part about them of course, is the fact that their cheap.

You can use them for decorate your dull white walls, use the strips to style your lanterns, books and desk accessories to produce that distinctive flavour that makes you different than the rest.

2.    Iron Transfer Floral Duvet

If you were thinking about buying a brand new duvet for your dorm bed, there is good news then. It is as simple as taking a printout, especially when you want to get an iron-on for your comforter. It will definitely make your bed look more attractive that even your own buddies would be compelled to sleep in it.

3.    Transform a metal dust bin into a side table

In college, you have to make do with the stuff you already have lying around. This means that you are banned from bringing in any extra accessories into the dorm room. It is at this point that you need to put those creative cogs in your head to good use.

A good example of your innovative skills would be to turn a cheap waste basket into a side table. If black isn’t the colour that flies for you, you can easily spray paint it to whatever tone suits you better.

4.    Pom Pom Blanket

In case you want to add more bright colours and sprinkles to your surroundings, you can just nit-pick some of the things around you to facilitate your needs. At this point, you can even add pom poms to your throw towels just to make it look cuter in the eyes of your friends.

5.    Make do a temporary self-made headboard

You can make the head of your bed look just as enticing with a self-made headboard as you would with an actual one. This is another money-cheating method to make your dorm stand out from the rest.

Just find some old wrappers or cardboards lying around, especially ones with elegant patterns, cut in the shape of your bed head and voila! Your headboard could even make the ones at five-star hotels jealous if it goes that viral.

6.    Modify Desk Accessories

While it is true that you can bring in extra furniture into the college vicinity, the next best thing you can do is improvise. Gather up all of the items at your disposal such as jars, vases and even tin cans so that you can modify them in a way to hold your college accessories.

If you want to take it further than that, then you can settle for a theme of your own choice and make those accessories look decent with different colours and such.

7.    Aim for a Geometric Mobile

It is time to put those crafting skills to the challenge and turn a lot of heads. Collect as many straws that you can from your visit to the cafeteria and make them in the shape of a fancy mobile hanging from the top of your dorm room.

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