7 Questions Interviewees Should Never Ask in Interview


Just because your employer is done throwing questions at you in your interview, doesn’t mean you can’t get a chance to do the same. The interviewer has all the information they require from you and now they wish to inquire if you have anything else that you would like to add.

However, there are certain things that you must never bring to their notice. By this we mean questions that you should never ask your interviewers about. To ensure that your interview goes well, take heed of the following questions that must never escape your lips:

1.    “Who’s your rival?”

Oh dear! You have to watch yourself on this one. To the interviewer, it may sound as if you have done no research on it yourself online or don’t know about the company. It could also mean that you want to know just for the sake of knowledge. But it could also mean that you may plan to make a jump.

The company interviewing you only wish to hire you. The last thing they would want to do is let their competition get a hold of your talents.

2.    “When do I get promoted?”

Getting ahead of the game before it starts is not a wise call. You are the new guy and as such you have done nothing yet to prove yourself to be worthy of a promotion. It gives the impression that you either have prior experience or just tooting your own horn. The latter is going to get you into a lot of trouble.

A better way to word this question is to ask what you have to do to get promoted.

3.    “How much is the salary?”

While eventually candidates deserve to know about how much they’re going to be working for, it isn’t smart to ask in the first interview. It will give the company the impression that you care more about money than actually having the passion to work. This will turn off many employers should it come out from your mouth.

4.    “Refrain from asking the ‘why’?”

If you did not make the cut, it maybe because your skills weren’t sufficient or appropriate for the position you were applying for. Still, it should not prompt you into asking ‘why’ right away. Just like you shouldn’t ask “Why did your company release employees last year?”

A better way to word such a question would be: “I read about the layoffs from last year. What is your take on where the company would see itself in the coming years?”

5.    “Will you be calling my references?”

This is another example of you being too desperate for the post. Do not push your employers right away into checking those references out. Eventually, they will look them up and inform you of it. In the meantime all you can do is wait and pray for the best.

6.    “Is the schedule flexible?”

Don’t take this the wrong way but it may come off sounding like you want to get off early from your shift.  It is yet another reason that would have employers guessing whether you want the job or not. Though eventually companies though work out scheduling options, it must not be asked in your first interview.

7.    Asking questions you’ve already been asked

If you even think about asking questions that your employer already dished out at you, you’re in hot water. It shows that you have not been attentive in your interview. You have to keep your ears wide open and notify each and every word that gets in your head. Ensure that you’ve got it all and abstain from repeating.

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