5 Reasons why your college essay blows

1zZMhYi As soon as you’ve written down your college essay you might want to give it several more revises before handing it over to your admission officers. You should know that applying for your dream school is a serious and difficult task at that. You’ve probably heard that before but it is for your own good that we’re giving you this head’s up. Being general in an essay is a thing of the past and college recruiters are looking for something that is more unique. Don’t let it sync in that everything you do is going to play out accordingly because there are more chances of your essay blowing up than there are of winning. That is why we have pieced this article to show you the most common flaws encountered when working on your college essay and turn it into the best one ever. 1.    You’re too generic Yes we’ve all heard about students getting commendable grades, astounding praises from their peers and such more than once. However, it doesn’t really help you become more approachable by the admission board if they don’t know what it is about the university that intrigues you. Everything from the topic you choose, to the first paragraph you write has to have an authentic flavour to it. It has to stand out from the rest otherwise there wouldn’t be any need for have these interviews in the first place. A college essay should adhere to standards but it must refrain from sounding like a repeat. 2.    Focusing too much on your backstory College essays must only include your past educational achievements, qualifications and references and nothing more. Nobody wants to know about your entire childhood and your experiences outside of school. It is a complete waste of the recommended space for your essay and it fails to live up to its relevant purpose. 3.    The first sentence is not enticing You need to grab the attention of your recruiting officers from the get-go and that means that the opening sentence of your essay should hit the bull’s-eye right there and then. Technology has come so far over the years that now people have grown rather impatient. The starting segment must include rich vocabulary and fascinating words and phrases that not only introduce you to your target college but to establish yourself as a qualified candidate. It should be so compelling that the readers become enthralled to read it until the very last sentence. 4.    It doesn’t sound like your material Be careful of how you word your essay because college recruiters are more cautious than ever before. Finding out whether your material is original and of your own writing has now become a fundamental duty. If you have been caught copying the written material from any other source, which is otherwise termed as plagiarism, the recruiters won’t think twice about reading your essay. College essays must reveal everything that involves you and that means that you must write it all in your own words. Not only that, but your vocabulary and strength in grammar must be displayed as well so it shows that you are not only honest but articulate as well. 5.    It’s contaminated with grammatical flaws This is the one thing that will surely spell the utter doom of your essay without any further doubts. This is because if there’s anything in your essay that includes words and phrases that are muddled, out of order or messy, it would not only make you unqualified but become a laughing stock. That is exactly why proofreading is given the most tremendous amount of emphasis after the first draft has been done. Once you have had your way with words, take all the time you have before submission to revise as many times as you have to in order to make sure that there are grammar spikes in your path.


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