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Expert Insights Into Argumentative Essay Writing

What Do We Know?

Argumentative essay is a typical piece of writing that engages the audience in a debatable (mostly controversial) issue through detailed reasoning and hard evidence.

Passing arguments over a particular issue sounds easy yet we often find ourselves at the edge of a cliff when it comes to putting across our message in a persuasive and effective manner. It only happens when we lack the skills that can change or reform others' opinion.

That being said, you can't drill your opinion, view or perspective into others, at least not through emotions. Instead, you furnish them with solid evidence (facts, anecdotes or statistical data) that they can’t neglect but accept and acknowledge, even reluctantly.

Argumentative – Composition

Just like other typical essays, argumentative papers also follow the standard outline:

  • Lead-in sentence (could be an anecdote, quote, etc.)
  • Thesis – (controversial or debatable subject matter)
  • Brief background
  • Précis of conflicting points
  • Point # 1 – supporting your perspective
  • Point # 2 – supporting your perspective
  • Point # 3 – supporting your perspective
  • Synopsis of main points
  • Food for thought (if necessary)
  • Suggestions or recommendations

Prewriting Stage

When it comes to writing, argumentative paper requires some prewriting requirements that must be fulfilled so that the writing stage can be executed and accomplished smoothly. The prewriting phase usually starts with:

Topic Selection

As the name implies, you will need a topic or subject matter to start off your essay. Start with brainstorming ideas that kindles your interest. Though interest does have its role in topic selection, it is no big deal if the topic is not interesting but at least finely debatable.

Take a Position

Remember, you topic shall also contain two opposing points so that you can take your stand on any one of the two. Here, you should opt for one that you regard the most- it could be against the topic or in its favour.

Assembling Evidence

As it is said earlier, you need no emotions but hard facts to support and prove your claims. Therefore, collect a whole heap of accurate statistical data, references, facts and figures, etc. for your essay.

Writing Stage Introduction – Impactful Opening

Start off with a striking quote, anecdote or reference. A strong opening not only sets the tone of your essay but also allows you to catch readers' interest right from the start.

Secondly, present a brief description of the topic’s background so that you can allow your readers to get familiar with what the subject is about. The background description will be followed by a thesis stating your position on the subject matter of your essay.

Body – Explain and Support Your Claims

Keep in mind that each paragraph will be reserved for one particular point. This also allows you to have enough room to clearly elaborate on your key point and further back it up by a germane factual facts or evidence. In addition, you will need to lay down the opposing points as well so that you can prove your readers how the other side of the topic is illogical, inaccurate or inappropriate.

Conclusion – Briefly Reevaluate Your Points

Tie up all your arguments by reevaluating them and relating them with the main thesis. Wrap up your essay with a brief suggestion or recommendation.

Argumentative Essay Topics List

  • The production of tobacco shouldn't be made legal
  • Capital punishment is effective than life in imprisonment
  • Dieting isn't an effective method for acquiring a slim figure
  • Study aboard programmes are way too expensive
  • High-schools should include courses that prepare pupils for the future workforce
  • We depend way too much on technology than ourselves
  • Use of cellphones while driving should be banned permanently
  • Tests are not good assessment tools than they were few years back
  • People who say animals shouldn't be use for research are wrong
  • Violent video games among teens lead to terrible behaviour
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