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Winning Admission Essay Plan

Are you losing your mind because you are not sure how to write an admission essay? No worries! We have the guidelines that you can follow to get success in this crucial task. Basically, it is a non-academic paper that defines your skills and abilities which make you a perfect candidate for a course. So unless you know the steps for writing it in effective manner, you cannot write a winning essay.


The purpose of an admission paper is to convince the readers that you are the right candidate for a course. Considering this important point in mind, you have to craft your essay in a way that can best express your academic profile and powerful traits.

How to Write it?

As mentioned above, this essay should reflect your image to the review committee in a highly-convincing manner, so it is important that you compose an outline before you write it an organised form. An outline will provide you with an overview of the important points that must be included in your essay.


The outline is like a blueprint for your essay. In an outline, you must sketch out the points and sub-points that will help you translate your true personality into words. Your outline should give a general idea of your essay. An outline should include:

  • Introduction: State the purpose of your essay (Give your reasons to apply in a college)
  • Main Body: Mention the main points and sub-points (Provide examples that qualify you for a course)
  • Conclusion: Summarise the points of your entire essay (Remind the readers that you are good enough to pursue the course)

Things to Remember!

Present Your Personality:
Your admission essay should explain your personal aspects that make you the suitable candidate for a course. You need to highlight here the real talent and skills which give you the confidence to seek the course in question.

Emphasise On Your Educational Background:
Discuss the academic elements that qualify you for the course. You have to persuade the review committee that meet the intellect level that they are looking for in a candidate. Showcase any distinct award or certificate that can further reinforce your relevancy with the course.

Inspire With Imagery Language:
Use the most impressive language for your admission essay. Consider it as your biography that you want to write to inspire the readers. Employ your descriptive writing skills to put across your true image. Infuse the right emotions with sensory details.

Common Admission Essay Questions/Prompts

  • Give a brief account of the environment in which you were brought up
  • Describe any past incident or occasion when you experienced failure
  • Express your feelings about a particular place where you feel pleased and why is that place meaningful to you
  • Given an account of any occasion when you challenged someone and also explain what compelled you to do so?
  • Recount any amusing past experience, incident or occasion
  • Explain any incident, event or achievement that helped you transit from childhood to the age of maturity
  • Tell us about any event that marked the manifestation of your leadership skills
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